TYPE: Governance Workshop
DATE: 5/15/2019 TIME: 8:30 AM
LOCATION: Azusa Unified Administration Office, PDC Room B
***************** Our Mission: We ensure each student attains or exceeds academic proficiency, graduates from AUSD, and is college and career ready. ************************* The Board of Education Governance Workshop will be held at the Administration Office, 546 S. Citrus Avenue, Professional Development Center Room B. Governance Workshop Agenda Items will begin at 8:30 a.m. The Board encourages public input. When the public wishes to address the Board on an agenda item, they may fill out a blue card or stand at the podium during discussion of that item. Items not on the agenda may be addressed during Items From the Floor. The Board will take blue card requests first, followed in order by speakers at the podium. A time of three minutes will be given to each speaker. Translation services are available to the public. Your cooperation is appreciated.